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Huize van Lookeren

Boveda 60 grams | 65%


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Enhance your humidor's performance with Boveda Humidification packs, designed to maintain a stable 65% relative humidity level. This precise regulation is key to preserving the quality and flavour of your cigars.

Unlike traditional humidification methods such as sponges, gels, or crystals, Boveda packs have the dual ability to release but also absorb moisture. This ensures a balanced humidity level inside your humidor, regardless of external conditions.

Using the packs is straightforward: remove them from their plastic packaging and place them in your humidor. Their design allows for direct contact with your cigars without any risk of harm or over-humidification.

For effective humidification, we suggest using one 60-gram packet per 25 cigars in your humidor. With normal use, each packet is effective for about three months, providing a convenient and efficient solution for maintaining your cigars in peak condition.

Boveda's humidification packets offer a reliable and user-friendly way to keep your cigars at their best.

Sigaren Elf Bar 600

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